YCC’s bursary and scholarship ceremony’s coming up next. in november. on my birthday. on a saturday :< like seriously? who gets their birthday on a saturday (so lucky) but still has to work (so unlucky)?

so anyway for the whole morning, and probably for the whole afternoon, I’ll be collating names and information and their eligibility. and I’m so tired. neck and shoulders aching. attention span short. distracted. got to rush this out by the end of this week cause next week from monday to thursday I wont be in office 🙂 and this thursday i am going on a conference. so i’m only left with today and tomorrow and probably friday :O

shall stop complaining stop digressing and stop procrastinating. 17 down, 11 more to go! 😀1051-i-dont-stop-when-im-tired-i-stop-when-im-done


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