last thursday i met a volunteer.

she’s responsible for sending food rations to certain clients (about 3 single mum clients)

and she came for the thursday night program i was running.

she is about 30+, working as a IT personnel or was it business analyst.


but anyway as we were talking and she was sharing,

i found out that we have quite similar personalities.

and it felt as though we clicked. (am i getting old cause i click with an adult???)

she said that even though she appears to be quite sociable,

she is actually a very personal person.

like able to talk about anything except personal matters.

which i thought: “hey, thats me.”


she was also telling me that she sort of admire the work that im doing
praised me for being in this field at a young age.

and she shared that she didnt feel good at her current job.

more because of the politics but not the job nature.

well, “the grass is always greener at the other side”.

skinny people wants to be fat, fat people wants to be skinny

wavy hair wants straight hair, straight hair wants wavy hair

tall wants short, short wants tall

etc, etc, etc…

the truth is: “the grass is greener where you water it.”

work hard for something and stop admiring others.

be proud of your own achievements.

for all you know, other people are admiring you and wanting to be in your shoes.


recently. (well, not very recent)

i found out that my personality changed.

im not the person i used to be anymore… 😦

not the very loud, fun, bubbly, noisy girl.

but more quiet…

more passive…

like i wouldnt start a conversation with someone unless the person speaks to me first.

or m aybe more like i dont know what to converse about (?)

im not saying that it’s a bad thing 🙂

just trying to find myself.

to know more about myself.


also found out that im more independent now.

in the sense that i can do things alone without feeling as uneasy as i used to feel.

like shopping alone, cycling alone…

eating alone too.


my thoughts are so jumbled up.

i cant think straight. cant organize my thoughts.


PS: thinking of keeping a personal journal and write down my thoughts.

should i? haha, not sure if it’ll last a week though.




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