original intended purpose

was observing the elderly prog called cool 60s this afternoon. and realized that the person who piloted this prog would probably be disappointed at the way we run it now. i feel that us as workers dont really put in the effort to bring out the best and most beneficial prog for the elderly, and we view it more like a chore than a passion 😦

the purpose of the program was probably for the elderly to bond within themselves (which they still do), for the elderly to learn more through talks (we do), and also for workers to have a close relationship with elderly (do we?). i feel like sometimes we really lack the passion in organizing things for beneficiaries, and we plan for the sake of planning. as long as there’s something there for them, we’re fine, they’re fine. but does it really satisfy the original purpose of the prog? im not sure how many talks the elderly have sat thru, how many of them actually benefitted from it, how many of them actually enjoy it.

im gonna take over cool 60s soon, when S leaves. would i be able to do better? i dont know 😕 it’s gonna be tough handling both elderly and children programs at once.

just wondering, am i a difficult person to work with?


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