work environment

im so damn annoyed omg 😡


a client came, i attended to him, i had a question, i was unsure of what to do. so i went back to office, and asked my colleague (T). and he just straightaway said: “huh i dont know ah i didnt ask him to come”

like wts man srsly. im just asking for help and you just freaking pushed everything away. i havent even finished speaking yet. i hate this work etiquette.

and then i overheard the other colleague (S) complaining to this T about having to stay back on this thursday to help to run the computer prog for single mums. she was like “i already told her (my manager, A) i couldnt! but she still asked me!”. 😐 i seriously rolled my eyes at my desk. A and i have been staying back twice every single month for the single mum’s support group. but because now there are volunteers coming in to teach computer literacy classes to the mums, the support group changed from twice a month to thrice a month. A figured it was too tiring for me and her to stay for all three sessions so we were sort of rostering. so this month, A and i stayed on 2nd oct, S staying on 9 oct and T staying on 30 oct. and intern staying on all 3 sessions.

i know you guys have got family to go back to etc, etc. but it’s just once. a month. ONCE. other people has got their own family too!! :/

why can’t we just help each other out? why can’t we just speak to each other nicely?

im not out here to stir shit or to bitch about other people 😦 but i just needed to pen it down somewhere (not twitter).

sad to say, the work environment here totally changed from when i was an intern. though i really had more sai kang to do back then, but the environment was more amiable and more friendly. even though now i have my own specified job scope and my own intern to do the sai kang, the colleagues are all different from the past.

i wouldn’t say i prefer the past. but i would prefer change. S is leaving soon. about 2 more weeks >.< i dont know how im supposed to feel about her leaving.

just hope and hope, that it’ll get better 🙂 feeling slightly better now…

EDIT: i got to admit that there are really nice colleagues around 🙄 like uncle johnnie. 🙂 though initially i disliked him for awhile because he always challenged my religion and my belief, but after HK trip in April, he’s really nice and really caring. he’s like a dad to me. hehe. and also, there always boss William, who is ever so humorous and fatherly, yet he scares me when he gets serious. and then there’s Alphra who’s like a mum, being so patient about my mistakes and guiding me tasks after tasks. and Ann and Marie who sits all the way at the other side of the office but are so nice and so easy to talk to 🙂 and serene who although is 60+ but splurge like nothing on her grandchildren, always offering me food haha.

im thankful 🙂


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