IPS Conference, 8 Oct

Attended Institute of Policy Studies Conference on Race, Language and Religion.
I was late by 30mins and Alphra didn’t turn up till lunch time cause she wasn’t feeling well. Thank goodness she came for lunch if not I’ll be eating alone 😥
Somehow someone always knows another someone and I’m just there. Alone. And awkward (!!!) 😦

I seriously feel like I’m being thrown into another universe.
The issues that they discussed were very real. And their research studies were conducted very well, with their findings presented in the conference.
But the audiences always has something to say about the research. Like how their research study left out some minority groups, or some of the issues that the study failed to address.
I feel that these people are so professional. They are able to have this critical thinking that I do not have. I don’t usually think about the issues any further unless prompted. Which is bad. Cause if I don’t use my brain, it’ll rust. I wanna be able to think more critically. Not targeting a person, but on the issue. To think on a more diversified and holistic way. 🙂

Some of the questions that I had during the conference but not addressed were:
– how do we promote and preserve the different ethnic cultures without making them chauvinistic or ethnocentric?
– if we were to group people of the same ethnic together to preserve the culture, isn’t it then also segregating one culture from the other? Then how is this promoting interaction between the different races and ethnic groups?
– the government uses Chinese-Malay-Indian-Others categories to group the races. While it was useful for the past few decades, does the CMIO still serves its purpose when there’s an influx of foreigners in Singapore?

Ps. Can’t really organize my thoughts. Sorry!


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