Meishi’s 21st!

after the conference, went to celebrate meishi’s bithday 😀 YAY. somebody turned 21 while im STILL 19 🙂 forever youngggger than you. hehe. so i met her at the Cathay and we had dinner at The Assembly Ground.

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I WOULD DEFINITELY RETURN FOR THE DELICIOUS ICE CREAM LATTE ❤ when i ordered totally didnt expect the ice cream at all. when i saw the white fluffy pure sweet delicious looking ice cream at the surface of the latte im just like 🙄 WOW 😀 hehe. meishi said that her hot chocolate was delicious too! 🙂 yumz.

  2014-10-09 18.52.19        2014-10-09 18.52.41

so, meishi had atas beef ban mian. while i had atas sandwich. though slightly expensive (like cafe price) but at least the taste was good. the fries were so so delicious! meishi’s ban mian tasted good too hehe.

  2014-10-09 18.51.51       2014-10-09 18.55.21

then after that we went to walk around plaza sing, 313, F21, H&M. i cant believe it! we didn’t try on any piece of clothing AT ALL. shows how uninterested we were. or maybe we cant keep up to the fashion anymore 😥

2014-10-09 20.47.37  2014-10-09 20.48.18  2014-10-09 20.48.20  2014-10-09 20.48.21  2014-10-09 20.48.24

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i dont know how many times i’ve told you this, but seriously, i am so so glad that you’ve been around since the very start of poly. words can’t describe how lucky i am to have this friendship sustained throughout poly without much changes to our friendship. i love how our minds think alike. i love how our differences complement each other. i love how our working styles are different but yet match up so well that we can work together in almost all group projects.  i love how you have always been my motivation, and you’re so self-disciplined that it makes me guilty sometimes. i love (actually dislike) how high your tolerance is when people bully you, but love how you can go on and on ranting about one person (hahaha we all know who). i love how you notice the little things and being so meticulous. i love how wonderful a friend you are! 😀 writing up to here should be enough to leave you in tears. so i shall stop hehe. hope you liked the present, the board, the daisy, and the wedding booklet (for you and jordon :’) ) happy blessed birthday once again! ❤

2014-10-08 20.38.11

after leaving my guitar in the guitar bag for months, i attempted to record my first cover today. hahaha. im still very noob at playing the guitar. hehe.


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