If going into the army is coined as “next phase of life”, then it must be the appetizer. Ever since Ray got his posting of going to ocs, the fact has been slowly sinking in… And today after thinking about it thoroughly, the entrée is coming.

Tomorrow will be the first day of his ocs training. And ocs training is really no joke. Ray showed me a blog of a person who underwent ocs and it was really described as hell week and there were many obstacles and challenges they have to overcome.

But anyway if ocs is entrée, then there are many many more to come. First is 3 weeks of confinement, then overseas training both Brunei and Taiwan, then many many field camps. I understand that I am supposed to adapt to all these, but I just can’t help but feel a little (?) sad. Am I an overly attached girlfriend?

Don’t misunderstand. It’s not that I’m not happy you’re going to be an officer soon! I’m really happy and proud of you too 🙂

Nonetheless, that being said, I shall mentally prepare myself to overcome all these with you. 😦 or 🙂 ?


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