Short short getaway!

hello! i’m back from Penang!! 🙂

it was kind of a really spontaneous decision to go to Penang. it all started with Ray wanting to bring me to taste more delicious vegetarian food. and there we were, on our way, planning, researching for food places, hotels and flights 🙄

so anyway there were so many changes to be made to the trip cause initially our set off date clashed with ray’s navy ocs interview 😦 so we were kind of disappointed and upset at how our plans had to change. even went to book 10 hour bus ride from sg to penang ($40/person) just to fulfill the trip. however, ended up boarding the flight on monday morning cause ray decided that navy ocs isnt really what he wanted.

so there we were! on our way to airport 🙂 a spontaneous decision on monday morning itself. 😀

2014-10-13 11.09.23      2014-10-13 11.09.37      2014-10-13 11.09.15

2014-10-13 12.41.30

we boarded the plane at about 10+, and took a one hour fifteen minutes flight to Penang, and arrived at about 11+. took a cab from Penang airport to our hotel, Apollo Inn. the taxi driver was very nice and friendly and kept talking to us and told us how strategically placed our hotel was, and also just made small talk with us. it felt good 🙂 it is the best budget hotel, i swear! their staff are super friendly, they provide FREE breakfast 😀 yumyum, and free snacks throughout the day till about 7pm. and they have a water dispenser, saves us money and trouble from buying bottled mineral water. woop woop 🙂 apart from that, though the room was a little small. like really just one box, but the bed was super comfy, and the room lighting was good, with the curtains drawn, it is really cozy. the bathroom was quite nice too. it was a cement kind of bathroom haha. dont really know how to describe, and forgot to snap a picture of it 😦 but anyways, it’s just really good! okay i shall not bore you with these details (but actually i already did, haha!) oh ya and they allowed us to check in at 12pm even though the check in time was supposed to be 2pm, yayy 😀

2014-10-13 15.51.59      2014-10-13 15.52.23

we decided to take a rest in our room before going out to get some food. when we finally stepped out of our room again it was about 3 or 4pm, we (actually only me) were so hungry but there weren’t vegetarian food around so we went to the mall nearby to get peanut waffle. the waffle tasted good! crispy and loads of peanut spread on it 🙂 we got bored at their malls. so we went back to our hotel to rest. on our way to the mall we also went to get this Chendol that was (supposed to be) famous, but we only found it so-so ><

2014-10-13 16.10.35

2014-10-13 16.16.20

for dinner we started our first adventure – walking to Luk Yea Yan. it was quite scary as the sky was already turning dark, the streets looked incredibly quiet and we had to navigate there all by ourselves. the food that were recommended (by hungryangmo) there were penang assam laksa and also their satay. we ordered the penang assam laksa, siam rice, and golden rolls. they all tasted quite nice 🙂 except that the penang laksa didnt really suit our tastes 😦

2014-10-13 19.31.22
Look at how dark the street lights were!
2014-10-13 19.45.39
The Golden Rolls – tasted a bit like sg’s ngoh hiang.
2014-10-13 19.48.57
The Penang Assam Laksa which we didnt really like.
2014-10-13 20.03.41
The Siam Rice which we liked the best! The curry taste was really aromatic but not overpowering.

 after dinner we walked back to our hotel. the creepy eerie dark streets and we saw that there were night street food just one street behind our hotel. 🙄 wowowow. so we decided to get this four treasures dessert at $1SGD so cheappppp! hahaha. and there were so many food around i kept asking ray to eat but i guess he was too full. there was veg fried bee hoon too, but it just doesnt appeal to me cause 1. it is bee hoon and 2. it wasnt freshly fried.

2014-10-13 20.33.43      2014-10-13 20.24.08

oh and we saw this super nice looking “Kopitiam” like a cafe style while walking back to our hotel from the dinner place. but we didnt go in cause we seriously can’t take anymore food. hahaha.

and we went to explore the rooftop garden that our hotel has. there weren’t anyone around. and it felt really relaxing to just lay there and feel the wind 😀 there was music too. we thought it would be good for parties and gatherings. but for just the 2 of us it was kind of boring haha.

2014-10-13 20.43.59 2014-10-13 20.44.11 2014-10-13 20.44.26 2014-10-13 20.52.19

on day 2, we were determined to explore the street arts of Penang. cause that’s what’s famous here. so we had our FREE hotel breakfast at about 9+ and i was so upset that there were no scrambled eggs! there was this egg that was cooked with chilli and onions. after ray took scraped out all the sauce and onions out for me i decided to eat it and it’s like i’m in heaven. hee hee hee 🙂 i had some toasts, fruits, cereal with milk, baked beans while ray had more things to eat. he ate fried rice, some chicken, eggs, baked beans, toasts, fruits and coffee (he eats a lot for breakfast).

we went back to our room and slacked for awhile till 11+ and there we were, setting off to the place we wanted to go! super proud of us that we managed to explore the whole place by foot. just going where ever we wanted to go by our feelings 🙂 we wanted to rent a bike midway. but the roads were pretty dangerous, plus when i tried on a bike over there i couldnt cycle straight 😥 我没有用!

 2014-10-14 11.23.49      2014-10-14 11.25.25      2014-10-14 11.33.27      2014-10-14 11.35.25

2014-10-14 11.49.19       2014-10-14 11.48.482014-10-14 12.14.59       2014-10-14 12.14.31

2014-10-14 12.12.23       2014-10-14 12.37.22

no doubt, the street art is quite nice 🙂

2014-10-14 12.07.14

we walked to this clan jetty (UNDER THE BIG HOT SUN!!) with high hopes of being able to see something interesting… but we were utterly disappointed!

while walking around we felt so hot and uncomfortable and was tempted by a dark cafe that only look cozy. so we went in and ordered latte and affogato. they amounted to i think 20+RM which was super not worth it cause with that we could get a good meal. ugh 😦 should have went in.

2014-10-14 12.21.41      2014-10-14 12.24.06      2014-10-14 12.27.34

2014-10-14 12.34.38   2014-10-14 12.34.51   2014-10-14 12.35.09   2014-10-14 12.22.00

but okayyyy we walked around and managed to find this Woodlands indian vegetarian restaurant which we wanted to visit. but i was super bloated (cause i couldnt shit T__T) and i think ray wasnt very hungry also. so we ordered one plate of i forgot what it’s called to share.

 2014-10-14 12.49.18

2014-10-14 13.03.59 2014-10-14 13.04.45 2014-10-14 13.22.33 2014-10-14 13.29.49

in the end we failed to explore all the street art because it was just too hot! 😦

(PS: this is like my third day editing this longgggg post. im on the verge of giving up.)

after that we went back to our hotel at about 3+. WE WALKED BACK. even though we were quite far off from our hotel already. and i am super proud of us! 😀 as we were walking back we bought coconut drink and the flesh tasted super good especially when we were so worn out. went back hotel to rest for awhile. and there we go: DINNER!

2014-10-14 17.19.07 2014-10-14 18.04.34

2014-10-14 18.06.32

Fried Cereal (mock) Prawns – yumyum! i always loved cereal prawns. even back when i wasnt a vegetarian yet. but this dish is a bit too salty for my liking.

2014-10-14 18.11.00

Fried (i think is abalone) mushrooms ❤ woo fried till perfection, crispiness at its best! 😀

2014-10-14 18.16.52      2014-10-14 18.17.10

the baked nyonya fish that was raved by hungry angmo. ray and i were like: meh, it isnt even that good :/

okay!! final day here (finally):

so on our final day, as usual, we had breakfast in the hotel… like why say no to free food right??? hehehe.

after that i think we went back to our room to rest. we ended up watching “whose line is it anyway” and we were laughing damn loud. im surprised we didnt get complained! haha! 🙄 so after that during lunch we walked to this place called sushi kitchen that serves organic vegetarian jap food. I SERIOUSLY WANTED TO TRY EVERYTHING ON THE MENU 😥 but oh well, both of us were pretty bloated so we ordered to share 😦 sighhhhhh…

2014-10-15 12.32.04

honey nutmeg drink! it’s refreshing and really cools you down. tastes a bit like plum. but yummy overall 🙂2014-10-15 12.45.32

RED SEA UDON – i think not bad. quite special. in my opinion i thought the gravy tasted a bit like chilli crab’s gravy but ray begged to differ. hahaha. not bad. but i dont really like udon. i like the texture of udon being so chewy and springy but i dont like how it doesnt absorb any taste of the soup/gravy.

2014-10-15 13.14.34      2014-10-15 13.15.18

this has got to be my favourite!! SUSHIIIIII. i love the one at the left. the one that’s fried with mayonnaise cause it just tastes sooo good!

after lunch we had quite a lot of spare time left till our flight ( it was 1pm, flight is 8.40pm) so we went to the nearby mall initially for movie, but i didnt want to watch annabelle and all the timings couldnt really accommodate us so we went for KARAOKE! 🙂 i think it’s considered cheap? $10sgd/person. ray was a burden cause he was counted as adult price because he didnt bring any of his student ID. hmph. :< so we sang for 3 hours. think 2pm – 5pm and then afterwards headed back to the hotel to collect our luggage (we left our luggage there after checking out at 12pm).

2014-10-15 20.03.37 2014-10-15 20.19.05 2014-10-15 20.19.10 2014-10-15 20.19.53 2014-10-15 20.21.16

i am so so glad that i took on this short break and despite all the difficulties this trip materialized. thank you so much for taking in all my nonsense and me purposely trying to irritate you just to see your reactions HAHA. ❤ miss you already! (its 23 Oct, ray’s third day in OCS btw). hope you’re doing well at OCS and jiayou okay!! i supporting you. see you soon 🙂

next stop: BALI! ❤

2014-10-14 14.29.48      2014-10-14 14.30.13

if you’re still here, thank you so much for reading till the end ❤ muamua you! 😀


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