Work again

I feel like I’ve become super whiny since work began. Actually I realized that since internship. 😦
Anyway, today is a Saturday and I am on my way to work (again). I usually have to wake up at 7.30am on Saturdays cause I got to reach by 10am to open up the centre for secondary tuition. But today I had the luxury to sleep till 8am cause secondary tuition stopped since their exams ended. 😀 and plus, today is 2nd last tuition. Which means next week is the end of all this Saturday sufferings! Yayyy 🙂

And then Ray sent me this yesterday.



Hahaha his mum super duper cute 🙂 and very nice too. I feel so blessed 🙄 hehe.

Remind me of this convo hahaha
Me: Your mama still got ask you about me not? Her 4th daughter. 😂😉😉😉
Ms: Hahahaha my mom likes you alot.  yucks 
Me: 😉 she likes me ah
Ms: Hahahah I just told my mom you asked and she’s like ya I like her alot. You make her sound v nice hor harharhar. Thank me horh! See I portray you so nicely 
Me: Ask her why she like me. 😂😂😂 You never tell her we got talk about her behind her back? 😂 Like when she too strict and all.
Ms: She say cos you seem like a nice friend hahah. And it’s been v long since my mom approved of my friends btw hahahaha. Esp not in acs.  NEVER LA HAHAHA. Which child wont complain about their parent one.
Me: I don’t complain about my parents. I’m angelic 👼👼👼

Hahaha 😂 okay I shall not complain about work anymore. Actually I think it’s quite good during busy period now cause I feel this sense of accomplishment as opposed to slacking when my manager isn’t around Hahaha.

Bye peeps! ❤️


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