Body image

Since young I haven’t been very comfortable with the way I look, the way my body feels, people’s gaze. I’ve always been told that I’m fat, chubby, bakbak… There’s no one cny that I can escape from these comments. I’ve got weird front teeth because of a fall.

To be very honest, I haven’t been comfortable in my own skin. At all. That’s why I decided to go for braces. And I think I looked a bit better after entering poly. But I’m nowhere ‘there’. Not very sure if it’s due to media’s influence, but skinny girls are always being valued as prettier and more attractive.

I’ve had enough of people commenting that I’m fat. For real. I’m already insecure in the first place. Why must you add on to it? Every day I look into the mirror I wish that every part of me looks different, be it arms, tummy, thighs, or even facial features. I don’t need you to tell me I’m fat. I don’t need you to tell me I’m not pretty. You think I don’t freaking know how I look?

But even if you do comment, what intention did you have?? To make yourself feel better? To put me down? Or is it truly to let me know that it’s time for me to watch my diet and exercise?

I don’t even want to be skinny. I just want to be comfortable being myself.

Ps. I know this is a very superficial post, but I just had to put my thoughts somewhere.


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