To be curious

I have come to realize sometime either this year or last year, that one of the best way to gain knowledge is to be curious.
There are so many times in a day where there are learning opportunities but we just neglect and look past it because we simply just did not put thought into it.
There are so many things I wish I knew how to do. Things like driving, photography, drawing, cooking, diving… And the list just goes on and on.
And then there are the daily menial things like how does cocoa gets manufactured into chocolate, how does the mrt works, why is the sky blue. These are the things I can think of offhand. But I’m sure there are many more.
So much new knowledge can be gained when we put our thought to it and with the use of Internet.

This post is really random. But sometimes I’m just frustrated at the amount of things that I do not know of.

Do you ever get so frustrated at the limited things you can achieve? Or is it just me?



2 thoughts on “To be curious

  1. Dont feel frustrated, just keep finding out, and keep learning. Not everybody is born perfect with everything known. We pick things up at our own pace. Just PUSH HARDER, and strive on.



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