(Mummy) Love is…

Love is even though the family is not rich she tries her best to provide.
Love is she wakes up earlier than me to use the toilet to let me sleep more.
Love is seeing her put in so much to tidy the house despite being tired.
Love is having clothes in the cupboard washed and smelling great.
Love is having mummy to wake me up in the morning after snoozing my alarm.
Love is her willingness to spend on me without second thoughts.
Love is receiving a phone call from her past 11pm of 12pm and asking me why I’m not home yet.
Love is having shampoo and body soap replenished before it finishes.
Love is her selfless acts, her constant worries.

Thank you mummy ❤ happy birthday.

Celebrated mum’s birthday at Swensen’s last night after work 🙂 haven’t had dinner together for a long time despite having only 3 family members. I think the last time was when I got a pay raise after being a confirmed staff. Which was Mat, and we had nando’s.
dad ordered lamb chop and black pepper seafood spaghetti last night, mom had breaded chicken, and I got my usual Mac n cheese. We also ordered fries to share, together with a complimentary firehouse ice cream cause it’s mum’s birthday! 🙂

I think Swensen’s standard dropped cause seriously the Mac n cheese tasted quite awful. The macaroni wasn’t al dente and I got sick of it quite soon :/ told my mum let’s not go back there for dinner.

Dinner amounted to $80+ and was paid by mum :p

Passed my mum her birthday present the night before and her reaction was so cute 🙂 hehe. She ask me why I buy branded for her haha 😀 despite that, she looked happy. The look that I had in mind when I was shopping for her present.






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