Saturday, finally…

finally got a full saturday to ourselves! 🙂

i think i mentioned before: tuition ended 😀 yay. but this might be the only saturday im free. other saturdays i’ve got to bring the children for outings/have events. 15 nov: bursary ceremony, 22 nov: ice cream making workshop (im excited bout this one!), 29 nov: coming home from Taiwan, 6 dec: children’s christmas bash, 13 dec: free for now (yay!), 20 dec: singapore poly outing, 27 dec: free for now! but it’s okay, i get my mondays off! 🙂

so last saturday when i finally have a saturday free from work, i thought i didnt have religious class at night but then my uncle called on i think friday night and told me that i’ve got religious class, and he graciously spared me to go pattor instead of asking me to go for class, which i think is really nice of him hehe. i guess is also because i’ve had great attendance so far 🙄 hehe.

went over to ray’s house in the afternoon, reached at about 1pm and then we were slacking at his house watching tv and using our phones haha. his house recently changed to samsung smart TV quite big! so shiok 😀 the graphics are very clear when watching HD shows, but on normal channel 8 the quality isnt as good.

2014-11-08 19.23.02    2014-11-08 19.22.59    2014-11-08 19.21.44

(check out that aeropostale shirt that i bought him 😀 )

after that we took the train (and i wanna say i hate the red line cause the stations are so far apart and it takes forever to reach where ever i want to go) and went to One Raffles Quay again hehe. cause the view there is so nice, and went to watch the laser show which was quite boring -___- but still more interesting than the one we watched in HK.

2014-11-08 19.29.52 HDR

(singapore’s city lights is really pretty 🙂 )

while we were watching the laser show halfway it started drizzling 😦 which i thought was quite romantic hahaha. then we quickly walked to MBS to eat pita pan. i totally forgot about taking pictures of our food cause i was so excited to eat it! we ate here once before and previously i didnt really appreciate the food but now i think it’s quite nice 🙂 its Mediterranean food and its vegetarian! ❤ yay. we ordered red shakshuka which supposed to have 2 poached eggs in it but it was overcooked 😦 and a full pocket pita which we were able to add whichever veggies we want together with 5 falafel balls. yumyum. i miss eating it already. but its a bit on the salty side, but i guess mediterranean food are like that?

after dinner ray sent me back to tampines ❤ and i went to my uncle’s house for stay over.

cant wait to see what you got me for my birthday hehe. and tomorrow’s our 32 months!! time’s passing faster and faster and we’re lasting longer and longer.

as im typing you’re on your way to your field camp for navigation. jiayou okay? ❤ but safety first.

sometimes i really appreciate army cause it somehow made us further but closer 🙂 like i feel really happy at the end of the week when i get to meet you. and when i meet you for the first time during your book out it makes me feel like im falling for you all over again hehe. 🙂

2014-11-08 22.36.22      2014-11-08 22.36.37      2014-11-08 22.37.09      2014-11-08 22.37.11

2014-11-08 22.37.29      2014-11-08 22.37.56      2014-11-08 22.39.48      2014-11-08 22.40.52


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