another ending

i’ve witnessed many old staffs leaving and many new staffs joining my centre ever since i was an intern here. and today i got to know of another person leaving. and he’s my Executive Director, my boss.

2014-05-01 11.30.06

i think i never ever felt so sad about anyone’s leaving before. and when he broke the news to me over prayer meeting this afternoon i was really overwhelmed by sadness and almost cried in front of everyone. 😥 it is really a shock to me because i didnt expect that he’ll be leaving. plus he is a really great boss. so humorous, fetched me home from mediacorp to tampines and then drove back to his house in bukit timah, being so caring, sharing wise things with me… really can’t bear to watch him leave us and i cant imagine how is the office going to be like without him. 😦

just really thankful that i got to meet him.

“Dont cry because it ended, but smile because it happened.”


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