happy blessed 20th

(i actually have a blog post all typed out before this, but it disappeared. so this is a second one 😦 and this post is actually much less detailed than the first)

i always felt that birthdays was a way for people to express their love to the individual, especially when on normal days you guys are such close friends/family, that you start to neglect the person, birthday is the day where you show the person you appreciate them and say things that you won’t usually say to the person 🙂

thanks to everyone who celebrated my birthday with me and for taking the time to wish me happy birthday over message.

i really appreciate the thought and appreciate that you care! 😀

there was an early celebration for all the november babies! 🙂

2014-11-15 14.19.43

on my birthday, i had to work because it was the annual bursary ceremony 😦 but jiablack, who was helping me with the ceremony, bought me a cake from cake spade to surprise me! it was dark chocolate with peanut butter and it tasted super good! thank you jiablack! ❤ i loved the card 🙂

2014-11-15 16.11.16        2014-11-16 11.49.49

2014-11-15 19.35.50

this is alphra’s husband who has the same birthday as me! 🙂 and i just found out yesterday that their daughter has the same birthday as ray!

2014-11-15 19.06.52

after the bursary ceremony on the day of my birthday, ray came over and we went to have a great dinner together! ❤ we went to this japanese vegetarian restaurant called Zen and they serve really great food (but really expensive too). we celebrated my birthday here last year too! and it makes this place special 🙂 i love their unagi and i love their makis! and whats the best, is that they’ve got unagi maki! ❤ oooomg. can we go back there again just for their maki and unagi? 🙂 Ray was so generous he paid for the dinner. it totaled up to $70+ for two person 😦 sorry ray. haha.     

2014-11-15 20.49.14

2014-11-15 20.39.23

2014-11-15 20.47.58

Ray also made me a card and bought me a swarovski necklace ❤ like waaa 🙄 (ray kept pronouncing it as swaski btw) hehe i really appreciate the things you do for me. i cant imagine how embarrassed and awkward you were when you walked in to all those jewelry shops. and how they look down at you cause they think you low budget!

2014-11-15 21.42.56

thats me and my swarovski, me and my swarovski!

2014-11-16 10.45.27           2014-11-16 10.44.02

2014-11-15 20.38.48

thats us and my birthday card! 🙂 hehe art work improved and more effort compared to last year hehe.

2014-11-15 22.20.02           2014-11-15 22.19.58           2014-11-15 22.19.56           2014-11-15 22.19.48

 2014-11-15 21.51.19

thank you so much Ray, i love you! ❤ it’s really my blessing to have you in my life. and you’re the best boyfriend that i can ever have! 🙂

On the monday following my birthday,17th Nov, met meishi to celebrate my birthday! 🙂 though it was just the two of us but i felt like we really managed to talk to each other a lot and share things on a personal level. and we are missing you, ishu! ❤

meishi put in so much effort to research on where to bring me to for lunch. cause she didnt want to bring me to a cafe, she says that cafe vegetarian food are always the same kind and she doesnt want me to eat that for my birthday ❤ awww. and she activated jordon to help to find the directions on how to get to the place cause she dont want to lead me and then both of us get lost together haha.

so meishi brought me to this place called angel’s bistro. i had healthy laksa and she had dumpling soup. it wasnt cheap. i think $7/bowl, and it both tasted quite nice! 🙂

after that we went to marina square for the cake! i forgot what the place was called. Lady M??

2014-11-17 15.41.42     2014-11-17 15.41.33

we had chocolate checkered cake and mille crepes. it is layers and layers of crepe stacked together. and it tasted like atas kueh lapis haha. meishi had hot chocolate while i opted for my usual latte 🙂 our desserts costed more than our meal btw hahaha.

2014-11-17 14.29.07     2014-11-17 14.24.28

thank you for taking the effort to celebrate my birthday even though its just the two of us. i really cherish this friendship of ours and i never want to lose you 🙂 thank you for sticking with me throughout the thick and the thin. and for tolerating my perfectionist behavior and how anal i am when it comes to work. i am glad that it was with you, from the start, to the end 🙂

2014-11-17 11.20.50

i would consider myself lucky that in this 20 years i’ve lived, i have never encountered anything that really hurt me very badly or anything traumatic. though not totally happy, but i have a family that is comfortable, no financial strains, and parents who love me since i was born. the things that they silently do for me, the sacrifices they make for the family, i am contented. i am blessed to have so many true friends who i think they know me better than myself and that we connect on a level that is more than the surface. we can laugh we can joke we can talk and we can relate and being totally comfortable with that. and i also think that i have found the person that i want to spend with for the rest of my life at the age of 18, and i am so so thankful for that.

i love all of you, my family, my friends and my boyfriend ❤

at the age of 20, i am thankful for the person that i have become, and thankful for the adversities i’ve faced in the past 20 years that shaped me to be the person i am, for providing me experience, for making me a stronger and wiser person.

but in the years to come, it wont be as easy as it was before. in the first 20 years of our lives, it seems as though everything was planned. infant > kindergarten > primary school > secondary school > jc/poly… but what lies in the journey after that, we totally have the freedom to choose what we want to do. is this the “freedom” that we always said we wanted since young? are we ready to take up the responsibility that comes with “freedom”? i dont know.

what i know now is, to live my life to no regrets and to do things to my best ability. i will try to live my life by the 2 quotes below.

“It’s not about the length of life, but the depth” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

thank you for reading to the end of the post 🙂


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