I find it so unfair that the management decide to take in projects and all they do is to throw it to other people to do the planning and preparations. Especially when 1. the centre is short handed 2. it’s really a busy period 3. there are so many programs. It’s easy for you to say that it benefits the people and it helps etc. Yes I got to agree that it really helps, but please do your part and put in some effort in the planning. In the first place, this program has got no whatsoever connection with the centre. It’s all out of Methodist Welfare Services which Methodist Church is responsible for disbursing the bursaries. Even if yes you would like the children to be involved in the activities but WHY do we have to be the ones planning it?! Just why? I mean, you could have gotten the church staff to plan for it since it’s supposed to be church initiated program. Why us? 😦

Okay, I’m done ranting.


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