Positivity reaps more positivity.

First post in a long long time. It’s Feb! And I still have not completed by 2014 post haha. Too busy with tuition things to settle. I shall have it done by this month 💪!

Anyway ray told me yesterday that I’ve been too negative with life these days, particularly about work. And it’s been pulling me down, I’m not as vibrant and happy and positive as how I used to be. Which I totally agree.

My complaints about work increased, hating and dragging myself to work every morning, finding it an increasing burden. I’m losing stamina.

And recently I’ve been having persistent headaches that lasted for the past week which really affects me pretty much. Caused the people around me to be worried.

To be honest I don’t like the way I am now. I want to do something to it. I guess I got to relook at the reason as to why I even started in this field, and accept that not every beneficiary is gonna appreciate the things we’re doing for them but someday they’ll look back and think about their childhood and realize that even though they were from the less privileged but they were entitled to things like these.

This week, I’m bent on not complaining about work. For the next five days, if I tell you anything bad about work please remind me on why I started.

I’m gonna start small –> feel the sense of satisfaction –> set a new goal –> and gonna feel better little by little

Cause positivity reaps positivity. And I’m gonna stop feeling negative.


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