first year

2nd April 2015 marks the first year of me stepping into the workforce. i’d have to admit that it wasnt easy handling all the tasks by myself and yes, there were times where i felt like breaking down and there were days i dreaded work. but in this one year i learned so much. i learned how to handle children which i initially had no confidence in. i learned that i had so much love to give to them though i scold them a little too much. i learned that i could work independently. i learned that i could handle the amount of work and stress. i learned that no matter how big the event i could plan it within one month and the manpower i need could be so minimal. i learned that though there are bad sides to clients i still have to try to understand the root problem that they are facing.

yet, there are till so many things i want to learn!

starting school this july, i cant wait to learn more things about social work. how do i ask questions in a way that i dont initimidate the clients? how do i not look past little details? how can i help clients motivate themselves further and not condemn them just because i think that they are not motivated?

with Discovering Your Root coming up in Jun, with mega ration coming up in May, i got to up my game.

and i know i can do it with all your support. thank you to all friends and boyfriend for constantly giving me support and caring for me. without you guys i will never come this far.

i love all of you ❀ #somuchfeels.


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