These two days I’ve been pondering – should I strive hard and work hard for my future right now or should I take it with a pinch of salt and enjoy life at the moment? 
I got a feeling that I’ve stepped in to workforce at an age too early, and I’m taking work a bit too serious for my age. I see some people doing part time jobs that they enjoy. Things like working at adventure cove, or froyo shop, anything that isn’t long term. Then why am I committing myself into such a long term job? Am I living life too seriously for my age? 

When I stepped in to this job as a full time staff I was pretty relieved in a sense that I do not have to worry about the near future because I’ve got things worked out. Like working for 1 year before starting my PT studies and then serve my bond for another 2 years. I am pretty safe for the next 5 years. I don’t have to face things like fresh grad but unemployed. 

So why do I feel discontented now? 

Should I save up my money for my future or should I spend it on things that I love doing right now? 

Maybe I should live in the moment. Indulge in things that I want to do. Not think so much about the future cause the only constant is change. 

Maybe I’ll die tomorrow. And regret all the things that I didn’t do. 

Maybe I’ll live till 80. And regret the money that I did not save up for. 


Please somebody shed some light. I’ll appreciate a discussion. 


One thought on “life…?

  1. I know $$ has always been an issue but to have a nice future I believe health is equally important.

    Yes next 5 years is secured, but yet don’t never think that u have until then to do what u want,
    You do what u love to indulge to right now, live each day with no regrets, as for the future, live each day happily, God has a plan for us, if it’s time, then time is up, if is not, cherish them :))


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