I guess I was a bad owner…

hi all, so my phone officially died on me and committed suicide by jumping into the toilet bowl. FYI wasnt even holding on to my phone, it dropped from my bag.

was figuring how to let important people know about this, so i guess my blog would be the best. haha.

i’m not sure when im gonna be contactable, so… fb msg if you wanna contact me! see you all again! 😦 i can’t even use my ip4 cause im currently using nanosim and ip4 is nanosim.

EDIT: anyway since im blogging already, i might as well speak about the day while im waiting for the water to boil to cook maggie for my (drunk) dad. but i seriously shouldnt complain cause he’s been cooking for me.

today at work i really faced a crazy day because i was being throwed with a gazillion things to do. there is a mega ration project coming up on 29th and 30th may (fri and sat) and my colleague, Pauline (who is taking over Terrence to do food rations) is the IC and she went to europe for 12 days. so the rest of us covered for her. and today is the first meeting since she’s back and she doesnt seem like she wants to take up her role as the IC?! disheng is doing logistics for her, i am doing admin and volunteer coordination for her and she is ONLY doing food coordinations. aih. i dont even know what to say man… 可能有愧给别人吃也是好事 maybe its a good thing that im being taken advantage of, cause it shows that im capable. but heck man, why is it always me? 😦 plus, apart from doing this mega ration thing i still got an amazing race (6th June, exactly one week after the mega ration) to plan for… i’ve got enough on my plate.

its okay, 转心 转念 转人生 change my heart, change my thinking, and change my life. i shall take it as my personal challenge (like back in December) and just prove to myself how much i can achieve.

UPDATE: after i finished cooking my dad decided to fall asleep on me and not eat the noodles. thanks man. my day cant get any worse…


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