Late night reading 

It’s currently almost 12.30am and I just had a good 4 hours of reading off ‘Safe Haven’ from my phone on my bed. And what sorcery is this, I don’t even feel sleepy yet. Must be the coffee from coffee bean earlier on 😦 
I believe that books were written to help us live in the characters’ shoes and help us reflect from their perspective/positon and help us learn from their situations which we (fortunately and thankfully) don’t have to go through. And tonight as I read, this questions surfaced in my head: 

How would I live if someone I hold dear to my heart passed away? (Alex and Carly)

How would I feel/behave if I had an abusive husband? (Erin and Kevin)

How would it be like if I had to flee from a familiar place, to somewhere far with no clear goals ahead just to get away from danger? (Erin) 

Would I even be brave and courageous enough to run away from an abusive husband? (Erin/Katie) 

Would I be able to accept all of someone’s past, including the dark ones, and love the person wholeheartedly and look forward to spending the future together? (Alex and Katie) 

Would I be able to open up and learn to trust again if I were to be hurt? (Erin) 
Now I’m off to try and get some sleep and probably answer to those questions tomorrow. Looking forward to tomorrow cause I think I’ll be heading for a swim and get some tan on my skin! 🙂 


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