First few days of 2017

Currently going through a whirlwind of emotions. From watching lalaland alone, from reading me before you, from knowing that my colleagues are leaving one by one… I don’t know how to deal with this.

Well, seems like the beginning of 2017 ain’t going too well. Having a hard time returning to reality from the dream trip that has just finished. And it feels like the theme that I have been getting in touch with all surrounded trying and doing something without being fearful.

Lalaland told me that if you persist long enough and try hard enough, you’ll be able to achieve your dreams. But what’s my dream? I also got the message that some people, you are meant to fall in love with but are not meant to together. Me before you told me that I need to widen my horizons, to be fearless in seeking new experiences, to live a life without regretting that you have not lived.

Colleagues leaving one by one, makes me feel like I am being left behind, like there is nothing to look forward to anymore. Work has been difficult, been sighing at work way too much, buried under so many tasks I have listed on my to-do list, never being able to clear them all. I think it’s about time, I’ve had enough. I’ll weigh the pros and cons and I will make a plan to leave soon too. I will. 



2 thoughts on “First few days of 2017

  1. I was feeling the same way you felt not too long ago too. It takes a lot of courage to decide something, -and to stick to it. For me, I keep going back and forth on my decision. But actually, I truly know I should say goodbye, and i shouldn’t be swayed by anything else. Because it’s really time to go. It took a long time to get to this decision and it’s going to be a while more till I can act on it too…

    So to remind myself, I pinned a tweet to my profile HAHA. It’s a reminder for myself every time I feel like staying instead of leaving, not to hold myself back from achieving what I want. So that worked for me so far 😂 Every time I feel like, no harm staying another year…I go back to that tweet/reminder to remind me of all the reasons I made the decision to go in the first place.

    Jiayou Siew. Go for what is best for you, you owe it to yourself. You’ve worked so hard. YOU, of all people, definitely deserve it. ❤


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