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Feb 2016, it has been about 1 year and 7 months. So many things changed yet some still stayed the same. We grew apart in distance, chasing after our individual goals and dreams. Our paths diverged and similarities grew lesser, conversations shorter. To be honest to myself, I still think about it these days. Thought about what could have been, thought about my decision, thought about how things would be like in future. But do I miss the idea of you, or the you at the present? Memories of us are getting less vivid, and I struggle to remember what we have been through. I dare not open pictures of us from the past because I know what I would be getting myself into. It would just be a downward spiral and I may never get out of it. I know that my heart would hurt and tears would roll. In fact it does even as I am typing this. A simple picture like this made me think about what we used to be, and how right it was. And then memories start flooding back, things we talked about, things we used to quarrel about, and things that hold us together. I do not wish for the memories to be forgotten. I just wish that they would hurt lesser. It has been 1 years and 7 months. When will I heal and be able to move on?


For one reason or another, you’re both standing there in front of each other and there’s no way really to move because no matter what step you take it will never be one together.
Sometimes love just isn’t enough to make something work.

So you painfully walk away looking over your shoulder one or more times. You begin to question love all but entirely. You question yourself and your judgment. You wonder why can’t it be so simple? And you’re left with no other choice but to move on.

Time moves on and the ache in your heart begins to fade away. But the honest truth about loving someone you can’t be with is no matter how long you spend apart and grow on your own, those feelings don’t just go away.